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Yahoo Mistake | Future Mail

2007-09-12 16:52:48 by Flash-Rape

Yahoo Made Mistake...Or could that be mail from the future. We don't know. Big time error for the code work. Well just thought I see what other people say about this. and anyways ma bey someone else knows something I don't about it.

Yahoo Mistake | Future Mail


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2007-09-29 01:23:42

Are they from people you know? Future e-mails usually come from spammers; in addition to the bogus reply address, they'll fake the date stamp so that the message is sure to stay at the top of you "new" messages for a while.

(Updated ) Flash-Rape responds:

Wow, never really new that! I did not know you could change the date on the time you send the e-mail. Most of the time, they are on auto and the time goes with when the e-mails are sent....hey, at leased there sent into the spam box anyways..

Thanks for that information!